Bistro Manchu

Working with Partners from Harbin, North of China, and Mr. Gauci combines Shanghai- Tang style nostalgia with a tongue -in-cheek evocation of dusty modern China, while aiming for the atmosphere of his other successful boutique restaurants.

As the first North Eastern Chinese (Manchurian or Harbin) Cuisine in HK, Bistro Manchu attracted western & local Chinese to taste the Cuisine which is well known as the most natural, comfort & healthy food in China. Unlike Cantonese & normal northern Chinese cuisine, Manchurian (Harbin) cuisine is not oily & no MSG was used.

In 1998, Bistro Manchu brought a new trend of Chinese cuisine to HK. Especially imported wild vegetables and natural seasoning, traditional herbing cooking are introduced to HK for the first time.

With a wine list of fine wines from both the New and the Old Worlds, Bistro Manchu also offers traditional rice wines from China and boasts an incredible list of teas served from the traditional old Herns? And pots.

Ethnic Chinese “cuisine” is now firmly on the map in Hong Kong  with Bistro Manchu leading the way in Chinese Fine Dining. With professional Western-style service and plush surroundings it certainly is the new SoHo Hot-Spots and the latest provider of “far more than delicious” food from Jean Paul Gauci.

With the opening of Bisto Manchu Jean Paul opened Hong Kong's first boutique Chinese restaurant, a trend of which has been copied by many others since its inception.