Indigo, the delicacy restaurant is revolutionising the concept of cuisine in SoHo bringing fine dining to those who appreciate the best in life. Champagne, caviar, oysters....gourmet produce from around the world. Indigo has one simple mission, to indulge. Serving only the finest of ingredients Indigo will dazzle your senses.

It's key dishes include caviar, oysters, foie gras and wild mushrooms. No corner of the world has gone unsearched in the name of selecting the fine foods for the menu and as the seasons change as do Jean Paul’s ingredients. Kobe beef from Japan, Strawberries flown over from English gardens, crabs from Alaska and more. Plus, throughout the year Indigo had been featuring mushroom marvels from around the globe.

The brainchild of SoHo's godfather, Jean Paul Gauci, Indigo's reputation precedes it and this cosy little restaurant is turning this small part of Staunton Street into a dining haven.