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Welcome to a little piece of Mykonos in Hong Kong, bright white pastel walls, blue wooden frames and mosaic flooring. El Greco also incorporates modern and Ethnic Greek influences in its look, to create a dining oasis in Aplei Chau. The music was chosen by Costa Kambolis of Athens and is a reflextion of folk, family dance and modern ethnic, with an added touch of more south American mediterranean. The Greek table is an ideal location to have a friendly dinner party that as all the elements of a fun night out. As well as a happy delicious lunch or a chilled out mezze in the afternoon accompanied by regional Greek wines. 

Cuisine ala Greque 

Greek seafood grill where everything is home made to traditional Greek recipes, from crusty rustic breads, the various mezze, delicious greek tapas, houmus, dolmades (vine leaf’s filled with minted rice steamed in lemon and wine). There are typical dishes to choose from such as MOUSAKA(Oven baked Layers of Potato, eggplant, mince Lamb), OXTAPODAKI(Grilled Octopus Salad with steamed potato topped with sauce olive oil and lemon juice), SPANOKOPITA(Spinach and Feta Cheese Pie) and more, there are also delicaries such as  SAXASAKI(Panfried  Greek Cheese from Crete served with red wine reduction, Lemon juice and  crispy bacon olive oil toast), PASTURMA(Air fried Greek Beef Cappaccio with Lemon Juice gravieria Cheese and Spring Onions) and AVGOTARAHO(Greek Delicacies of Air dried Grey Mullet Roe ) with soft boiled egg and rustic bread). But the main event  is the Greek Islands open  fire grill featuring mediterranean seafoods as well a black angus steak, LOUKANIKO(Greek country-style Sausage with Herbs in Orange & Tomato Sauce) and PORK SOUVLAKI(Succulent Lamb cubes of tender lamb with home made French fries, and Tsatziki on the side), with delicious dessert such as KREMA ME KROKO(Saffron cream flan), YIAOURTI ME MELI(Sheep’s milk yogurt wild thyme honey, walnuts and sour cherries) or BAKLAVA(Walnuts, honey and rose-water syrup, baked in phyllo). All washed down with Artisan selected Uzo’Food man Saki A. Chatzichristidis oversees the menu and freshly flown in Greek products makes it a real Greek holiday.



Welcome to EL GRECO