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What we have done in the past

A Unique Mix of Restaurants

Uno beach cafe

A short trip from the heart of Hong Kong through the Aberdeen Mountains takes you to the other side of Hong Kong (south side) via Aberdeen Tunnel. In 10 minutes, you will find yourself at Deep Water Bay, 500 meters of soft sand, a cool ocean breeze and gentle waves. The first stop would naturally be Uno Beach Café, where you can pick up beach umbrellas, mats and a wide range of refreshments including our famous homemade Lemonade and fresh juices. The atmosphere is relaxed and so is the menu revolving around typical European beach fair such as Crunchy Caesar salad in anchovy caper dressing, Houmas zesty chickpea pureé with garlic ad lemon, Bocaneros – Fresh white anchovy on tomato and garlic bread among others.


Le boat

Over 2006 and 2007, Le Boat has undergone extensive restoration by another two Europeans, John Paul Gauci and Genna Laurent, who together with the son of Wong Ming, the first craftsman in the 70s to build amazing teak boat replicas, have put much passion into creating a stunning example of an 1800s style sailing junk that plied the waters of South China and beyond.. Post-restoration, Gauci offers Hong Kong diners the unique experience of luxurious, on-board dining in an atmosphere of nostalgia and days bygone.  The menu meanwhile promises culinary delights and an atmosphere of relaxed Mediterranean haute-service.

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